Cotta & Los Libros del Mirasol

Cotta & Los Libros del Mirasol


'Cotta & Los Libros del Mirasol' explores Cotta’s work like never before. Showcased together in one single volume for the first time, the book covers he designed reveal the visual universe he constructed between 1959 and 1962.

With 103 color plates reproduced from high-res photographs of the original covers, compiled and sewn bound in cloth, in a3 PMS ink dust jacket. The book measures 7 x 11 in. It will also feature a foreword by Steven Heller and a comprehensive analysis on Los Libros del Mirasol.

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Size: 7” W x 11" H (180 x 280 mm)
In custom box size: 8” W x 13.5" H (200 x 340 mm)
Pages: 176 pages. 
Printed on two different stocks:
100lbs uncoated (140gsm)
105 lbs matte coated (157 gsm)
Format: Clothbound with 1 color foil with 3 PSM inks dust jacket. 
Language: Bilingual edition (English / Spanish).

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